Galaxy Medi bag clamp MR51-Z

Galaxy Medi bag clamp MR51-Z


CATAGORY: Weighers
POWER SUPPLY: 230 Volt & compressed air
DIMENSIONS: (LxWxH) 1150 x 1050 x 1750 mm


A weighing installation to weigh semi automatically, all free flow goods e.g. in condition of powder,  granulates or other small pieces in bags. (Jars, tins, boxes etc. with adaptation possible.)
The installation is built in a Stainless steel frame, equipped with an FMC vibration motor, a stainless steel vibration channel, product supply hopper and a dosing hopper with bag clamp.

When the supply hopper is filled with product, the product is dosed by means of an vibration channel right into the bag.  A keyboard with digital display controls the weighing cycle of the machine. The product is dosed into the bag in two stages (pre-dosing & fine dosing) which separately can be set.
After the set point weight is reached vibration channel stops .

The construction of this machine makes it possible to fill most of the  free flowing  products. But also chemical / pharmaceutical products and other food and non food products can be filled.

The weighing system can be synchronized with packing machines or conveyor belts.

-P.L.C. controlled and easy to operate
-A solid constructed frame
-Compact dimensions
-Deliverable in various models
-For packing products straight into bags
-Low cost
-Calibratable executed machine (calibration it’s self has to be done by classified company, at your place and your costs)
-Stainless steel 304 frame
-Product supply by big bags, mini containers or others

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