History Intropack Machinery Holland and Machinehandel Muskopak BV

In 1962 Muskopak was created after Mr M. Musk had been a technical manager for seven years at the packaging company Phia in the place Uithoorn. In that year the packaging department of Phia was closed and the cosmetics department went to Lekkerkerk. Mr. Musk had other plans for the future than to move to Lekkerkerk. He was commissioned to sell remaining machines.  Since there were also sufficient packaging proceedings, as there where the company Boon and the Schuitema, he  also decided to continue the remaining packaging work.

With registration at the Chamber of Commerce under the name Musk Onderneming Pakkerijen  or other said Muskopak he started his company. With three women in old laboratory and warehouse in Mennowieten Neighborhood in the place Uithoorn.  We produced then very famous bales chocolate sprinkles in the blue and yellow packaging. In close cooperation with the company Boon and in order to save transport costs, we decided to move in 1963 to Wormer,. In the building on the Veerdijk where once the paintingmill “The Young Wolf” was established, we continued production. In 1965 this location was too small and we decided to move to the former site of Hollandia Pellerij ‘on Veerdijk 43 in Wormer. The following years the machines were further modernized and developed. We developed our first own packaging machine for packaging of the famous  Black-White powder for the firm, Black and White King that include the brand Flipper, Bears and brought to the market.
Among other we purchased by auctions, used machines for production and for sales. In 1971 we purchased land on the street  Zandweg 93a. Later become Bruynvisweg 28, Industrial area. In 1973 a building permit was applied for building a bigger an modified company. The years that followed, both the packaging activities as the sale of used packaging rise. In 1978 it was decided that these two disciplines to separate. The selling of machines was emerged as Machinehandel Muskopak B.V. and the packaging of food or non food became known as Muskopak Packaging BV The building on the Bruynvisweg 26 was purchased and was used by Machinehandel  Muskopak BV.
For Muskopak Packaging BV The building on the street Bruynvisweg 28 in 1988, again too small. There had to be made choices. After extensive consultation, it was decided to sell Muskopak Packaging BV so that all attention could be made on the trading machines. focused on to the demands of the market, we also started developing Compact weighing and  packaging machines, for very competitive prices. This resulted in 1997 in the creation of a new company, Intropack Machinery Holland BV where these new machines are sold. In 2007 we decided a fusion between Intropck Machinery Holland BV and Machinehandel Muskopak BV. As result more efficiency, and reduce costs Intro Pack Machinery Holland is now a trademark of Machinehandel Muskopak  BV Due to big gained experience, Machinehandel Muskopak very well know in the Netherlands and far beyond. Until today, our machines are sold worldwide.