Galaxy PICO P311

Galaxy PICO P311


TYPE: P311
CATAGORY: Weighers
POWER SUPPLY: 230 Vac, 50 Hz & Compressed air
WEIGHTING RANGE: 0.1 gram uptill 300 gram
DIMENSIONS: (LxWxH) 700 x 400 x 800 mm

When the supply hopper is filled product, the product is dosed, by an electromagnetic driven vibrating gutter (FMC), towards the scale.
A keyboard with digital display controls the weighing cycle of the machine. The product is dosed to the scale in two stages (pre-dosing & fine dosing) which separately can be set.
After the set point weight has been reached, the vibrating gutter stops and the scale can be opened manually or automatically.

The construction of this machine makes it possible to fill most of the  free flowing products in condition of powder or granulates. But also chemical / pharmaceutical products and other food and non food products can be weighted. Like pills, coated tablets, beans, rice, eg., and further all kinds of metal or synthetic materials

The weighing system can be synchronized with packing machines or conveyor belts.

– P.L.C. controlled and easy to operate
– Compact dimensions
– Deliverable in various models
– Suitable for manual operation or automatic operation (with a packaging machine).
– Low cost
– Available in various design
– Pneumatic valve closure
– Normal 50 mm U-vibrating gutter

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