Compack CP 350 Plus

compack plus

Compack CP 350 Plus

Product Description

BRAND: Compack
TYPE: CP 350 Plus
FORMAT: Bag width: 75-350 mm,
Length: onbeperkt
POWER SUPPLY: 230 Volt, 50Hz., 1000 Watt
CAPACITY: Until 30 p/min
DIMENSIONS: 1495 x 962 x 1617 mm. (LxWxH)


Vertical, form, fill and seal machines form flat film into a bag by using a specially designed former set. The Compack offers you the opportunity to either fill the bag by hand or to simply connect the machine to an automatic weigh or dosing system for a complete automated packing solution. Once the bag is filled the machine seals and cuts the bag automatically. The Compack can pack any type of free flowing product, food and non food.

-AISI 304 construction
-Full colour touch screen with easy menu controls
-Up to 99 programs can be memorized and selected
-Low maintenance mechanisms
-Mobile machine
-Machine designed and produced in the Netherlands
-Cover plate over the entire machine


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