Machinehandel Muskopak B.V., is a healthy company.

On April 25, the Co-packer Muskopak B.V. declared bankrupt. Machinehandel Muskopak B.V. is another company with no legal connection with Muskopak B.V., but due to the use of almost the same name, there is a lot of confusion in the market, ‘We get questions every day whether we are bankrupt. We are not. This is detrimental to our trade.

In 1988 my father Mijndert Musk sells his co-packers company Muskopak B.V. to Bram Bruins from Inpako. My father decides to focus on his other company, Machinehandel Muskopak. It is verbally agreed that Bruins would change the name Muskopak to another company name. But because the name Muskopak is well known in the market and it is going well, this is not happening. My father tolerates it and the two companies go their separate ways. Occasionally a customer knocks on the wrong Muskopak and is kindly referred to the correct Muskopak.

We, Machinehandel Muskopak, trade in used machines, such as weighing machines, vertical & horizontal filling and closing machines, turntables and special machines. In addition, we also develop and build packaging machines ourselves and sell them under the trade name Intropack Machinery Holland.

Those Intropack machines were also sold to co-packer Muskopak. Due to the bankruptcy of Muskopak B.V. there are now Intropack machines for sale at the auction with the mention “bankruptcy Muskopak”. That makes it even more painful. “It’s like we are, but we’re not. We have nothing to do with this.

Our company, Machinehandel Muskopak B.V., is a healthy company.