Galaxy Advance weigher AB511

Galaxy Advance weigher AB511


BRAND: Galaxy Advance
TYPE: AB 511
CATAGORY: Weighers
WEIGHING RANGE: Until 5000 gram
CAPACITY: Until ca. 15 p/min.
POWER SUPPLY: 230 Volt & compressed air
DIMENSIONS: (LxWxH) 1850 x 1200 x 1100 mm

When the supply hopper is filled with product, the product is dosed, by an electromagnetic driven vibrating feeder, towards the scale. A keyboard with digital display, controls the weighing cycle of the machine. The product is dosed to the scale in two stages (pre-dosing & fine dosing) which separately can be set.

After the setpoint weight is reached the vibrating conveyor stops and the scale can be opened manually or automatically.

The construction of this machine makes it possible to weigh cut vegetables*, free flowing products in condition of powder or granulates. But also chemical / pharmaceutical products and other food and non food products can be filled like pills, coated tablets, beans, rice, eg., and further all kinds of small metal or synthetic materials.

-P.L.C. controlled and easy to operate
-Separate vibrating feeders for pre-dosing & fine dosing
-Standard MASTER / SLAVE control for second weighing machine
-Compact dimensions
-Weighing pan of 10 liter
-Deliverable in various models
-Movable hopper
-Suitable for manual operation or automatic operation (with a packaging machine).
-Quick snap locks, for easy cleaning
-Compact stainless steel frame

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